Accountable Leaders

Leadership Training: build resilient leaders…

Businesses face many crises every year. To survive these crises, they need leaders who can justify their position. However, a few years ago, a survey showed that companies are aware of this need, without their own executives justifying their position. That’s why we offer companies and aspiring executives the means to develop responsible leadership and become an Accountable Leader. Also our proposal is not to apply X-point recipes, but to become themselves and learn to understand their leadership context.

Therefore, instead of offering training on traditional and agreed topics, which are mostly about management and are generally well known by your executives, our choice is to help your junior executives to take stock of their new duties. As for your middle or senior managers we help them reach  their full potential in  your  context by questioning their practices, and make them more resilient, serve your goals optimally, and thus justify their future title and functions.

First, we will help your leaders understand their own leadership style and personality thanks to the 8 personality facets according to Jung, and using THE MBTI®, This will allow them to optimize their self-awareness. Next, we will work on their leadership context to help them better define the specifics of their « battleground » through  Geert Hofstede’s « 6 Dimensions of National Cultures » theory, which we will apply to their professional context.

“If you know your enemy and know yourself,  you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

Sun Tzu

The Accountable Leaders Training is offered:

    • online within 6 sessions of 2 hours,
    • face-to face within 2 days-sessions. (day 1, sessions 1,2, 3; day 2: sessions 4,5,6)

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    • Academic inputs
    • Proven methodologies (no opinion, no chit-chat) to support and documents the course
    • Individual and groups exercises specifically designed for online classes
    • 6 attendees per group maximum


WHEN ONLINE, this training is delivered on an online platform that will enable you to attend the classes in live, or the recorded sessions if you cannot make it, you will have then the opportunity to ask your questions directly to the trainer.

The platform enables to work as a big group, but as well split the big group in smaller groups for exercises.

If you are not very good at computers, don’t worry: attendees can connect easily with just one click to the classroom: there is no specific ability to have about IT systems. Classes can be followed from any kind of devices, even if it is better to have a dedicated space for working, and a computer or laptop.


This workshop will be held in English.


Sébastien has a 10 years experience of working with all levels managers and leaders, especially C-levels from international groups. Accredited Trainer in France since 2011, he is also a professional coach for 20 years, and MBTI certified. His clients are from all around the World, on the 5 continents.

Our Programs

Online Program (MOOC)

Our Accountable Leaders Coaching is accessible through our online academy at any time. It includes all registered courses as well as exercises and their evaluation. It also allows you to use mentoring (optional) depending on your needs. A certificate of completion is issued at the end of the training.

Price: 89€

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Online Live Job-search workshops

The Online Sessions take place every year at the same dates, exactly, at NOON (12:00 PM), Greenwich Time (GMT/UTC+0):

Price: 490€ net per seat

Individual coaching

Here you benefit from the content of the course, exercises, tests and instruments, and all this just for you! In addition, you have your own dedicated mentor for 8 coaching sessions over a period of 1 to 3 months, at your pace.

Price: 849 € net Book your One Hour Exploration Session

Public Session: Public Session: only 1,290€ net per seat for 2 days.

Public sessions are organized over 2 days, in inspiring places. They include all the materials, a welcoming coffee, 2 coffee breaks a day, and a light lunch every day.

Price: 1290 € net / seat / 2 days Contact us 

In House Session

Those sessions are organized for you own company. Contact us to set up the organization.

Price: 5,190€ net /  group / 2days +organization fees