Career Continuation Coaching

Define the Career that will make your Life Better.

There is a time in every Work Life when we ask ourselves if we are on the right path. This coaching is designed to help you answering this question, and maybe find a new way. The Career-Continuation-Coaching is a face-to-face 18 hours coaching (9 sessions x 2 hours) that can be performed individually or for groups of 6 to 10 people. You choose yourself what is the best for you, and for your budget.

The Career Continuation Coaching is organized in 4 different phases:

  • The Information Phase
  • The Preliminary Phase
  • The Investigation Phase
  • The Conclusion Phase

Let’s see in details!

Information phase

First, you will be suggested a FREE 45 minutes information session, to give you all the details you need. This information is given online, once a month. You can also skip this phase and ask directly for getting through the:

Preliminary Phase

This phase consists in an interview of more or less 1 hour, before starting the Career Continuation Training. This meeting aims at letting us talking about your needs, motivations and questions, the program, methods, tools and how we will work together and what this program will be requiring as a personal investment.

Once you have decided to join, the 3C can begin!

Investigation Phase

Meeting  #1: Curriculum Vitae analysis.
Curriculum Vitae means Life History. This first one hour meeting  is designed to help you giving some sense to your past career, and enable you to project yourself in future. We will be analysing your professional and education situations, past and present, your life journey, and the choices you have made all along. Following this meeting, you will be invited to fill-in your Personal Progress Report.

Intersession: Personality Assessment. this second part of the program will be dedicated to help you being clearer about your own preferences, thanks to the MBTI Profile Report.

Meeting  #2: MBTI feedback and validation.
Once you complete the MBTI questionnaire, we will have a 2 hours individual feedback session.

Meeting  #3: Personality Facets.
During this meeting, we will overview 8 facets of your personality, as per the MBTI: your work style, communication style, conflict style, Team style, Decision-Making Style, Leadership Style, Stress Management style, and Change Management style.

Intersession: RIASEC Questionnaire. The RIASEC, or Holland typology instrument, is a very interesting tool to help defining your interests at work. You will be asked to do this questionnaire prior to the next session.

Meeting  #4: Interests At Work.
Once you complete the RIASEC questionnaire, we will have a 2 hours individual feedback session to analyse and deepen your answers. We will match your questionnaire with your career, and explore your professional realizations and successes, select the competences to develop or start acquiring to transfer to a new activity or industry.

Meeting #5: Career Report.
Thanks to our previous work, you will receive a Career-Report, summarizing your personality at work, and personality traits as per your validation, and we will be digging further more the possibilities to open.

Intersession: from this report, you will receive a link to a Career Tool to do your own researches and do the guided exercises given by your consultant. You will then be able to deepen your own reflexion to settle few main ways you could follow.

Meeting #6: tomorrow.
We will be validating, and formalizing 3 main career projects, so as the steps to follow, people to meet, companies to contact to get more information about your potential next career.

Intersession: personal researches.

Meeting #7: feedback.
From your researches, it will be time to analyse and do the synthesis of all of your work, define further steps to define, broaden your network, do some researches in terms of companies or training you may follow to achieve your goals.

Intersession: personal researches.

Meeting #8: strategies.
This meeting will be focusing on setting up your global strategy in terms of content and timeframe, as well as in terms of success indicators.

Conclusion Phase

Meeting #9: synthesis.
This meeting will aim at reviewing together and giving you the whole synthesis of our work, as a document.

Meeting #10: 6 month later.
Follow-up. During this meeting, we will see what you have achieved regarding to your project, what is still to be done, your motivation, and maybe how to adjust your strategy.


The price for this 10 sessions program (around 18 hours) is only of 690€ net.

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Mankesav is an administration-registered and French-licensed training center. Once you pre-register, you will receive your training contract and invoice, detailed program, conditions and payment options. You can pre-register by the form, with no cost.