Succeed your Career Transition with Mankesav Consulting

Either you are an individual looking for a new Employment trajectory, or a company in need of moving out one or several employees, we help people finding the Career that will make their life better. To do so, we use a proven program: The 7 Milestones Program. Using powerful tools such as The MBTI, TRICAM or STRONG as well as intercultural insights and researches to support your next One-To-One or Group Coaching, you will be provided all you need to make the move needed.

The 7 Milestones program roadmap

Milestone 1: Know yourself

Our objective here is to help you being able to know better who you are and what you can bring to a company. Together, we will make you defining your “Unique Candidate’s Proposition”.

Milestone 2: Determine your objective

Thanks to the results of the milestone 1 work, we will overview what your objective can be, in terms of positions, in your chosen countries

 Milestone 3: Match your objective and capabilities

By knowing your objective, and overviewing your work, training history, as well as your values, skills and interest, the target of this Milestone is to help you finding out if you need to increase or decrease your expectations in terms of positions and salary, especially.

 Milestone 4: Define your target market

Thanks to the previous work, we will be working on defining your target market, especially in terms of companies, so you can downsize the number of applications you will do.

Milestone 5: Create your communication strategy

How to adjust your resume, cover letters / emails, thanks to the previous work. How to enhance your social medias, create and/or optimize your LinkedIn / Facebook / twitter / Instagram / Line profiles

Milestone 6: Become a master Networker

Networking, using your social medias for networking; preparing networking events..

Milestone 7: Get hired

This is the part where we will be applying all the work done to you to get hired: getting more job opportunities, sourcing them, meeting the recruiters and head-hunters, networking, enhancing your presence on social medias, and establishing a sustainable e-reputation.

Our Programs

Online Live Jobsearch workshops: 24 hours within 2 month. These Sessions take place every year at the same dates, exactly, at 01:00 PM, Greenwich Time (GMT+0/UTC):

    • Session 1: January 03-04-11-12-19-20-27-28; February 04-05-12-13
    • Session 2: April 01-02-09-10-17-18-25-26; May 03-04-11-12
    • Session 3: July 06-07-14-15-22-23-30-31; August 07-08-15-16
    • Session 4: October 02-03-10-11-18-19-26-27; November 03-04-11-12

Tariff: 120€ / seat

Bronze program: 4 weeks (1 month) & 6 hours of individual coaching. This program is designed for:

  • The fast paced persons, able to engage and organize their time effectively,
  • General workforce in full-employment countries (employment rate less than 5%),
  • People who need just a little of organization and few coaching sessions to monitor alignment.

Silver Program: 12 weeks (3 month) & 18 hours of individual coaching. This program is designed for:

  • Technicians, supervisors, and middle-management level,
  • General workforce in countries where the unemployment is high (unemployment rate >5%)

Gold Program: 6 month program & unlimited individual coaching. This program is designed for:

  • Upper-middle-management level to achieve their career transition quicker.
  • People from the general workforce who need a closer follow-up by a consultant, and more emotional or motivational support.

Platinum Program: This program offers an unlimited Individual coaching within 1 year. It is particularly designed to help Director and C- levels to reach out their goals.

And, if you would like someone to look for a job for you, with you to have to do a minimum, then you might have a look at our Job Search Butler!