Outplacement 3 month program

Three Month Career-Coaching Program

The 3 month Career-Coaching Program offers you my whole Career-Search Strategy, developed in the 7 Milestones Journey (free ebook here) . This program offers 18 hours of Individual coaching within 12 weeks, and it is particularly designed for helping people at a middle-management level to achieve their career transition quicker. It can also be adapted to people from the general workforce who need a closer follow-up by a consultant, and more emotional or motivational support. I recommend this program for: • Technicians, supervisors, and middle-management level • General workforce in countries where the unemployment is high (unemployment rate >5%)

It includes: • 18 hours of individual coaching, • your MBTI profile and Career Report, • your RIASEC profile, • your resume and LinkedIn critique.

What will we do? • We will be coaching you, supporting you, and giving you the strategy and tools you need • You will get your profile created in 30 recruiting or executive search companies databases • Your profile will be sent to the HR services of the Top 100 companies of your Target area. • We will ensure 3 job leads for you to find the job you need

What will you do? • Follow the methodology. It works, unless you don’t apply it, • The most possible: the more you do, the more chances you have, • Develop your abilities to get hired, and get hired, • Define your strategy, do a global and a specific search, create good tools, convince, • Repeat it, if needed: once you have had the program, you will never need coaching again. Pricing: the Silver Program is offered for only 1,375€ net when online. For face to face program, please contact us.

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