Why do we offer MOOCs?

I received often messages from people with very low income who can’t afford the usual coaching programs or trainings, and I was feeling very sorry to not be able to really help them, as I have to dedicate my time to my clients, and that except few tips, I couldn’t do much.
Since we all have to improve and find solutions, I developed my skills in webinars, and so now it is a pleasure to announce that we can offer an alternative solution to the people who are on a budget, as we will have some 300 people classes!

Mankesav Offers MOOCs
How does that work?
What I have learned in my life is that if you are on a budget, you can still work hard, and just need to be a little more patient than those who can afford.
So we are on a principle of a queue: to deliver the coachings and trainings with such a low price, we need more people. So, all you will need to do will be to register, and when we have 300 people we will start a class. I think this cannot be more simple. It can take few days, it can take few weeks, all you have to do is to wait. Of course, if you promote the MOOC, there will be more people, quicker, and so we can start earlier, too.
Is it the same program?

YES! The program remains exactly the same for the 3 workshops and trainings, we are just changing some tools, and of course some interactions will be reduced a little.

As well, it’s still LIVE classes. We don’t just send you a link to follow a recorded webinar. You can ask your questions, you can ask to clarify this or that point…

And you still receive some materials depending on the needs of the group.

What is different?

Of course, 300 people instead of 6 or 7 which are the usual Online or In-Person capacity of my coaching and training sessions make the sessions a little bit different:

  • Because of the number of attendees, I collect the questions all along the session, and answer to them at the beginning of session n+1. I usually won’t answer to the questions at the moment, except if attendees are sleeping, and there are just a few!
  • There are less “live” interactions, of course, otherwise that would become “the village festival” and a big mess. So we cannot deepen the individual situations during the sessions, on the contrary to small groups which are largely based on interactions and solving individual issues.
  • On the contrary to the usual coachings and trainings, we will be using an alternative to the MBTI questionnaire and feedback, based on the Myers Briggs works. Of course, you can still add the MBTI questionnaire and individual feedback (for a special price). The good news is that we will be providing the the results of Hofstede’s questionnaire as usual.
How much is it?

That is the crazy part! Yes, you can read 2$, 5$ or 10$, net, no hidden fees, nothing. That is the price, but remember there is ONE condition: we must have 300 people registered to start!

  • The Career Online Live Coaching, 24 hours group coaching over 12 weeks (3 month) will cost you… 2$!
    (program here)
  • The Cross-Cultural Online Live Training, 12 hours group coaching over 3 weeks will cost you… 5$!
    (program here)
  • The Accountable Leaders Online Live Training, 12 hours group coaching over 3 weeks will cost you… 10$!
    (program here)

Mankesav is an administration-registered and French-licensed training center. Once you pre-register, you will receive your training contract and invoice, detailed program, conditions and payment options. You can pre-register by the form, with no cost.