Job-Search Butler

The Job-Search Butler is our top notch program. When you choose the 1 year program, you mostly have nothing to do, except ticking few boxes every month, have some assessments and conversations with your coach, and go to the interviews. The coach will do all the job for you:

  • rewrite your résumé and cover letters,
  • optimize your online presence and communication,
  • find the jobs and apply to them for you,
  • develop your network and connect you to the right people,
  • coach you depending on your needs and requirements,
  • prepare you for performing at your interviews,
  • help you landing the job…

As for you, you can go for golfing…

The job search butler looks for a job for you

Contact the butler!

Job-Search Butler programs fees:

  • 1 year : 14,400€ net (1,200€ / month)
  • 6 month: 9,000€ net (1,500€ / month)
  • 3 month: 6,000€ net (2,000€ / month)