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The Attentive Craftsman of Your Career

At Mankesav Consulting, we are fully devoted to career management. We help people design a career that will make their life better.

Mankesav Consulting specializes in one area of expertise: career development. This expertise is demonstrated by over 25 years of success with major global corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. We prioritize rigor in work, simplicity in relationships, authenticity, and the rejection of unfounded beliefs.

Professional Outplacement

Unlike traditional outplacement firms, we offer to directly search for a job on your behalf. No more appointments to “touch base”, torture sessions to “revamp your resumé”, endless writer’s block for cover letters, and above all, the difficulty of finding companies that can hire you: we manage everything!

Job Search Butler

For executives and senior managers, the winning technique is: “talking to the right people”. We offer to directly connect you with senior executives and business leaders who have the power to hire you or get you hired. A project team handles your search and contacts the right people to help you land a six-figure job within 90 days maximum.

Job Search Assistant

Non-managerial employees also benefit from our job search assistance. The Job Search Assistant program offers to directly search for companies that can hire you.

From resume revamping, company prospecting and submitting your application to the right recruiters to interview preparation, your Job Search Assistant does everything possible to find you the best job in less than 90 days. Hired or refunded!

Your Best Job – Online Program

And for those who are more self-reliant, our 3-month online program with on-demand coaching allows you to do everything yourself at a reasonable cost, and if necessary, request coaching sessions as per your needs.

Career orientation & continuation

Stop spending crazy amounts to assess your career by making all the efforts! Do it yourself at a justified price! Our Career Continuation Assessment is a 4-month online program, with on-demand coaching. You receive all the tools a “career advisor” would offer and their instructions. All in an orderly and simple process that leads to a genuine career orientation definition, for both students or young professionals and seasoned senior executives.


No need to shave your head or wear grandma’s curtains for this program. If you’re ready to uncover without compromise what your leadership style is and how to optimize it in its best context, our 2-month online program with on-demand coaching is for you. Unlike almost all existing offers, it’s neither an accelerated management course nor life coaching based on more or less sectarian beliefs, but a steep dive into your leadership style.

Cross-cultural Coaching

As a young professional, seasoned senior, team leader, or member, it’s never easy to adapt to an intercultural or multicultural context. Our 2-month online program with on-demand coaching helps you understand and recognize your context and your relationship to interculturality through various facets. We avoid clichés, and the content is based on the scientific method, not an “expat experience,” which is inevitably anecdotal.

MBTI Personality Coaching

Understand your personality preferences, strengths, and areas for development better, leading to improved decision-making, communication, and relationships. We will guide you in your career development by offering insights into the various facets of your own personality, from communication to conflict resolution. This is a great tool for enhancing personal and professional relationships for stronger and more harmonious connections.