Mindful Leaders

Become a Conscious Leader
by Fulfilling Your Potential

The true way to become a better leader is to “simply” optimize your own leadership qualities, rather than trying to reach a consensus on a profile of the best leader. This is what I call mindful leadership. It’s not about engaging in personal development through meditation or “Toltec” fantasies, but practicing guided introspection with recognized tools.

Conscious leadership starts with a deep understanding of oneself, others, and one’s environment. It is this awareness that allows you to not become the “best” absolute leader, which doesn’t make sense, but to fulfill your potential as a leader and the environments that support it. Will this make you the best leader in your company, your country, or the world? Well, that depends on your potential: you can’t turn a donkey into a racehorse.

As a result, instead of offering training on traditional and conventional management topics, which executives usually master well, our choice is to help these beginner, intermediate, or senior executives achieve their full potential within their specific context by questioning their practices to make them more resilient, serve their goals optimally, and thus justify their title and future roles.

Initially, we will help leaders and aspiring leaders understand their own leadership style and personality, enabling them to optimize their self-awareness as leaders. Then, we will work on their leadership context to help them better define the specificities of their “battlefield”.

Our leadership coaching has been created with the goal of helping everyone take responsibility by exploring attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that can impact leadership. By using concepts from philosophy and psychology in addition to a battery of recognized tests, our program offers personalized support to help leaders and aspiring leaders understand their own motivations and develop the necessary skills to inspire and effectively lead their teams.

Our Programs

Individual Coaching

Leadership coaching allows you to discuss your strengths and weaknesses as a leader with a professional coach, as well as consider your positioning in relation to different aspects of leadership and leadership environments. It consists of 6 sessions of approximately 2 hours each.

Each coaching session or meeting is divided into three parts:

    1. Answering questions from the previous session,
    2. Presenting, discussing, exchanging, and brainstorming on the working angle and tools proposed for the session,
    3. Person-centered coaching: applying the elements discussed in the session to oneself and one’s own context.
    • Session 1: Analysis of professional background and personal project.
        • Life journey, choices made,
        • Further clarification of the request and definition of work axes,
        • Introduction to the Big 5 and its use in our leadership coaching,
        • Completion of the Big 5 assessment between sessions.
    • Session 2: Validation and exploration of the Big 5 personality test.
        • Openness to experience: flexibility and innovation,
        • Conscientiousness: perception of time, organization, and discipline,
        • Extraversion: charisma and team motivation,
        • Agreeableness: relational style and interactions with others,
        • Neuroticism: resilience, stress management, and handling difficult situations.
    • Session 3: Introduction to Jung’s personality theory
        • Application to the domain of leadership,
        • Completion and validation of the psychological preferences test based on Jung’s theory during the session.
    • Session 4: Exploration and utilization of the test results.
        • Extraversion/Introversion: communication, leadership style,
        • Sensing/Intuition: decision-making, creativity, and vision,
        • Thinking/Feeling: empathy, sympathy, conflict management,
        • Judging/Perceiving: task management, planning, and strategic decisions.
    • Session 5: Introduction to Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory
        • Defining your leadership context (current or ideal),
        • Further exploration and complementary approaches (Shein, Kluckhohn),
        • Completion of our cultural dimensions assessment between sessions.
    • Session 6: Utilization of the test results and exploration of cultural preferences.
        • Hierarchical distance and authority posture,
        • Group orientation and individual vs. group development,
        • Masculinity and directive leadership vs. consensus,
        • Avoidance of uncertainty and conservatism vs. risk-taking,
        • Long-term orientation and cultures of immediate results vs. planning.

Price: $1440

Online Coaching

2 months, 12 hours of video coaching, and 1 hour of individual coaching included.

This program allows you to progress independently and at your own pace. We will send you an email every week for 6 weeks, including a 2-hour lesson, the tools to work with, proposed exercises, tests, access to Q&A sessions, and individual coaching.

The course offers the full content of the individual coaching program (see details above) and guides you step-by-step in defining or redefining your optimal career using tools adapted to the format of this training.

You will also benefit from four crucial tools to better understand yourself and accelerate your success:

    • The only scientifically valid personality test: the Big 5
    • Our psychological preferences test inspired by Karl Jung’s theory
    • A work interests test: the TRICAM
    • A cultural preferences test inspired by the work of Geert Hofstede

You can also send your questions and access the Q&A sessions throughout the four months of your subscription.

Lastly, to boost your search, we are pleased to offer you one hour of coaching, which can be used in one session or split into two 30-minute sessions.

Price: $490