Job Search Butler Program


The Job Search Butler program is a premium career transition support solution designed for executives and leaders. For a minimum period of 3 months (duration determined based on your profile), we fully manage the job search process for you, allowing you to focus on your professional and personal life.

Before establishing any proposal, we propose to review your case. We will send you the link to our in-depth questionnaire so we can have a complete understanding of your past and present situations, and consider the future. Within 24 hours, we will review your case and provide you with an honest and uncompromising analysis. This comprehensive report will let you know if we can help you, if the Job Search Butler is the best solution for you, and our terms of service. If not, we will suggest a better-suited solution.



What is the Butler program?

discover the job search butler programThe Job Search Butler program was created from the successful experiences of over 2000 individuals I have coached during my career, which includes over 15,000 coaching sessions. Designed to assist busy executives and leaders in their career transitions, this program offers our clients high-level and unique service.

Your Butler is the attentive craftsman of your career transition, dedicated to your case. You are assured of exclusive service as each Butler handles a maximum of two clients at a time, with a maximum of 10 clients per year. This ensures optimal attention and availability during the 3 months of your program.

The Job Search Butler is our ultimate program, where we work for you on finding a new opportunity, allowing you to focus on your current tasks and missions, your professional obligations, or simply enjoying life. Some of our clients are too busy to dedicate time to their career change, while others simply dislike the whole process and administrative formalities it involves.

Your Butler is the primary driver in your program, and with a project-specific team dedicated to your case, we handle the crucial tasks of a job search so that you can choose your best option within your desired timeframe. From rewriting and formatting all your usual communication tools to contacting your next employer through one of the personal assistants made available to you to arrange meetings and interviews, we are committed to managing your job search even better than if it were our own, with more resources, especially human resources. This means more time dedicated to your search than any individual has in a week, and more commitment.

This is our role: to develop a strategy, document, implement, and operationalize the search as a communication project. Your job search is managed as a project.

And you, in all of this?

Your main tasks will be to provide us with the information we need to provide you with our best service, to attend our coaching sessions so you can excel in your own “missions,” mainly speaking to the right people and participating in interviews and meetings. You will also have the opportunity to follow our progress. Here are the general guidelines we will follow to optimize your journey:

Facet 1: Helping us get to know you.

The first meeting with your Butler will be based on all the documents you have provided, such as your CV, LinkedIn profile, notes, etc. Our goal is to better understand who you are and what you can bring to a company. We will submit various questionnaires to better understand your experience, technical and social skills, qualities, and values. This will allow us to define your Value Proposition, your language elements, and more broadly, your storytelling.

Facet 2: Determining your goal

Based on previous discussions, we will work with you to determine a realistic and achievable career goal, in professional terms of course but also, why not, in terms of preferred work environments. For this, we will consider your life goals (personality test), what makes you happy (questionnaire of psychological preferences according to Carl Jung), and your cultural profile (cultural profile questionnaire according to Geert Hofstede). Administering and debriefing the various questionnaires will allow us to better understand you (and you will certainly draw your own lessons from them) and thus further personalize our project.

Facet 3: Define and activate your target market

Defining the type of companies to focus on and your geographic areas of search allows us to research a list of about 100 companies (excluding those you may have already applied to) and submit it to you. Once you have validated these criteria, we arrange interviews with people in leadership positions within these companies, such as CEOs, COOs, CHROs, HR or recruitment managers, Managing Directors… Depending on your profile. We also organize meetings with the top ten headhunting companies in your search area. And of course, if it is appropriate based on your profile, we register you on relevant job offer platforms and conduct our own monitoring and service proposals to the most suitable job offers.

Facet 4: Create your communication strategy

In line with defining your goals, we implement a communication strategy to enhance your image before interviews. We modernize and optimize your profiles on social networks. We create your personal website, including your own domain and professional email address (example: We manage your professional accounts on social networks and increase your visibility by posting messages and articles that showcase you. Finally, we coach you on the 6 dimensions of national cultures so that you can deepen your understanding of the facets of companies and local cultures and use them to communicate better.

Facet 5: Master networking

Equipped with everything you need to convince companies to use your services, you now need to get in touch with the right people. We expand your network of useful contacts, especially within the list of companies you have chosen, by connecting you with 10 to 15 people every day. We create a list of networking events tailored to your search and profile and organize your participation, whether online or in person.

Facet 6: Get hired

Once your schedule is filled with meetings and job interviews, the next step is to convince. We provide you with intelligence reports on each company with which you have a scheduled interview. We prepare you for individual or group interviews, focusing on influencing techniques. We follow up on your interviews and consider the necessary boosts for a decision in your favor. Finally, we support you in your onboarding.

Rate and service proposals

The service fee is divided into two parts: a fixed part, and a variable part to be released only if we find you a job.

We strongly recommend that you request a study of your case before making any decision so that we can determine if we can help you and the terms of our collaboration. You can do either by booking an appointment here (30 minutes consultation: $10, One hour consultation: $18), or by purchasing this Online Case Study service ($8). We will send you a detailed questionnaire and provide you with a comprehensive report and the best solution within 24 hours.

Note: The questionnaire contains questions related to your age, physical appearance, social and geographical origins. We regret that many companies have discriminatory recruitment practices; however, and in order to help you as best as we can, we want to take into account all your characteristics to assist you better.


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