Career Continuation Coaching

Find or Rediscover
Your Career Compass

Whether you are seeking a new career path or forced to leave your job, we accompany you under the best conditions because our mission is to help people find the career that will make their lives better.

To do this, we utilize a portion of our proven program: the “7 Milestones” program. By using powerful tools such as the Big 5, the theory of psychological preferences, TRICAM, as well as innovative concepts and intercultural research, we help equip and optimize your next coaching experience: you will receive everything you need to implement the necessary change.

Our project and career continuation coaching was created with the objective of assisting individuals in developing their own professional and career path, from high school or college students in the orientation phase to senior executives in search of purpose.

Our Programs

Individual Career Continuation Coaching

The Project and Career Continuation Assessment allows you to analyze your personal and professional skills, abilities, and motivations, define your career project, and if necessary, a training project. It consists of 9 approximately 1-hour sessions: 8 working sessions and one feedback session.

  • Session 1: Path analysis. Analysis of professional, training, and personal past and present situations, life path, and choices made.
  • Session 2: Work interests. Utilization and validation of the professional interests questionnaire.
  • Session 3: Skills capital. Further exploration of professional interests and parallel alignment with the beneficiary’s career. Identification of professional achievements and selection of skills to develop or acquire.
  • Session 4: Personality at work. Utilization and validation of the psychological preferences questionnaire.
  • Session 5: In-depth exploration. Construction of a synthesis work on the various components of an optimal professional project.
  • Session 6: Future prospects. Formulation of one or more preliminary projects. List of field steps to validate the project.
  • Session 7: Experience feedback. Analysis and synthesis of documentation and external steps taken. Prioritization of projects and identification of possible training options.
  • Session 8: Strategies. Development of a job search strategy and planning of the different steps required to achieve the set objective.
  • Session 9: Assessment feedback and conclusion. Preparation of the report.

Price: $1080

Online Career Continuation Coaching

4 months, 12 hours of video coaching, and 1 hour of complimentary individual coaching.

This program allows you to progress independently at your own pace. We will send you an email every two weeks for 12 weeks, including a 2-hour lesson, the tools to work on, proposed exercises, tests, access to Q&A sessions, and individual coaching.

The course offers you the entire individual assessment program (see details above) and guides you step by step in defining or redefining your best career.

You will also benefit from four crucial tools to better understand yourself and accelerate your success:

    • The only scientifically valid personality test: the Big 5
    • Our psychological preferences test inspired by Karl Jung’s theory
    • A work interests test: TRICAM
    • A cultural preferences test inspired by Geert Hofstede’s work

You can also send your questions and access the Q&A sessions throughout the four months of your subscription.

Finally, to boost your job search, we are pleased to offer you one hour of coaching, which can be used in one session or split into two 30-minute sessions.

Price: $120