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7 Milestones Program, including:

  • 7 recorded video coaching sessions of 2 hours each
  • Course materials and resources
  • Links for completing and receiving feedback on four assessments
  • On demand Job Search Coaching
  • Q&A sessions

Additional hours of coaching

Add some valuable hours of coaching so you can discuss your career options and get more insights

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Whether you’re seeking a new career path or forced to leave your job, we accompany you under optimal conditions: our mission is to help people find the career that will make their lives better.

To do this, we use a proven program: the “7 Milestones” program. By using powerful tools such as the Big 5, the theory of psychological preferences, TRICAM, as well as innovative concepts and intercultural research, we help you equip and optimize your next coaching: you will receive everything you need to implement the necessary change.

Each program includes 60 minutes of individual coaching. You will also be able to send your questions and access question/answer sessions for three months during your subscription.

Program Steps

  • Step 1: Know Yourself!
    • Part 1: What is your personality? Administering the Big 5, the only personality test currently valid and recognized by professionals.
    • Part 2: Define the Unique Candidate’s Proposition (UPC).
    • Part 3: Analyze your past life experience.
    • Part 4: Create your own UPC.
  • Step 2: Determine Your Goal
    • Part 1: What is your life goal? Administering our questionnaire and using your psychological preferences profile according to Karl Jung.
    • Part 2: What makes you happy? Administering the questionnaire and using your TRICAM profile.
    • Part 3: What is your cultural profile? Administering our questionnaire of cultural preferences according to Geert Hofstede.
  • Step 3: Match Your Goal with Your Abilities
    • Part 1: Evaluate your value in the job market.
    • Part 2: Create your own professional persona to better match recruiter expectations.
  • Step 4: Define Your Target Market.
    • Part 1: Identify markets corresponding to the value you give yourself.
    • Part 2: Establish your Career-Map.
  • Step 5: Create Your Communication Strategy
    • Part 1: Use your UPC, develop your storytelling, and your language elements.
    • Part 2: Adapt your CV, cover letters, and connection messages.
    • Part 3: Improve your social media, create and optimize your LinkedIn/Facebook/personal website/blog profiles.
  • Step 6: Become a Master Networker
    • Part 1: Use digital networking tools to increase the number of your useful connections.
    • Part 2: Choose and save time during networking events.
  • Step 7: Get Hired
    • Part 1: Prepare for the interview by developing your storytelling, working on your verbal and non-verbal communication.
    • Part 2: Influence during the interview and know the limits of psychological manipulation.


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