An Extroversion – Introversion test over MBTI®

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a great tool to understand and manage our own psychological process. As per my conceptions, Career-Coaching is mainly a Career-Introspection, and that is the reason why I like using the Indicator, and why I am a certified MBTI® practitioner.

I will not be doing a full presentation of the MBTI®, its roots and History, and various applications. What you need to know (and then you can have a look on Wikipedia to learn more), is that the MBTI is the result of researches and works for more than a hundred year, since Katharine Cook-Briggs started her own researches on personality in 1917, augmented them thanks to the psychological types theory of Carl Jung, and the concepts and applications have been deepened all over the years. This heavy work is now supervised by the Myers & Briggs Foundation, and I guess the tool is trusted as something like 2 million people do the questionnaire every year…

Enough with theory for now, I am sure you are here to do the “test”.

Remember that this little test is just for you to ask yourself the kind of preference you have, and that the real questionnaire has far more questions and need to be debriefed by a certified practitioner. Here, we don’t aim at defining your entire personality, but just you to have a little fun and initiate an introspection! So don’t take it too seriously, and don’t try to have a good result: there is no right or wrong answer!

Do you tend to be an Extravert or an Introvert?

This is a very easy and simple "test". 10 questions for you to engage on the way of the question: "am I an introvert or an extravert?"



Agree or don’t agree? Have more questions? Then just comment and share!

Questions and text are directly inspired by:

Looking at Type: The Fundamentals; Charles R. Martin (CAPT 1997)


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