Succeed in Your Career Transition with Mankesav Consulting

Whether you’re seeking a new career path or forced to leave your job, we accompany you under the best conditions, because our mission is to help people find a career that will make their lives better.

To achieve this, we use a proven program: the “7 Milestones” program. By utilizing powerful tools such as the Big 5, psychological preference theory, TRICAM, as well as innovative concepts and intercultural research, we help equip and optimize your next coaching: you’ll receive everything you need to implement the necessary change.

Our Programs

Job Search Butler

The Job Search Butler is our flagship program! We guarantee the best new professional opportunity as we ourselves set up the most suitable agenda for your situation and requirements to help you find the best possible position quickly or according to your schedule. We handle everything on your behalf. You only need to take a few tests, answer some questionnaires, check a few boxes, have alignment and debriefing conversations with your coach, and attend the appointments and interviews that we will have scheduled for you.

The coach will take care of all the remaining work for you:

    • Find job opportunities and present them to you through our prospecting teams,
    • Develop your network and connect you with the right people through our lobbyists,
    • Optimize your online presence through our Content Writers and Social Media Managers,
    • Rework your communication tools (CV and introduction emails),
    • Coach you on the necessary points based on your identified needs,
    • Prepare you for successful interviews,
    • Support you in your job onboarding.

And for you, well, all that’s left is to go play golf…

Price: starting from $1200 per month, depending on your profile and search constraints.

Individual Programs

Individual programs have been created and developed to assist independent individuals who need both methodological and motivational support.

Bronze Program: 4 weeks (1 month) and 4 hours of individual coaching.

This program is designed for fast-paced individuals who are capable of committing and organizing their time effectively, and need some organization and a few coaching sessions to stay motivated and focused.

Price: $560

Silver Program: 12 weeks (3 months) and 12 hours of individual coaching.

This program is designed for technicians, supervisors, and middle managers whose level requires more in-depth research in terms of opportunities and persuasion techniques.

Price: $1375

Gold Program: 6-month program with unlimited individual coaching.

This program is designed for mid to senior-level executives looking to accelerate their career transition, workers and employees who need closer support from a consultant, and additional emotional or motivational support.

Price: $2500

Platinum Program: 1-year program with unlimited individual coaching.

It is specifically designed to assist senior executives in achieving their goals.

Price: $4750

Online Coaching

3 months, 14 hours of video coaching, and 1 hour of individual coaching included.

This program allows you to progress at your own pace. We send you an email every week for 7 weeks, including a 2-hour lesson, the tools to work on, proposed exercises, tests, access to question-and-answer sessions, and individual coaching.

The course offers you the complete “7 Milestones” career transition program and guides you step by step in reclaiming your career.

In addition, you will benefit from four crucial tools to better understand yourself and accelerate your success:

    • The only scientifically valid personality test: the Big 5
    • A psychological preferences test inspired by Karl Jung’s theory
    • A work interest test: the TRICAM
    • A cultural preferences test inspired by Geert Hofstede’s work

You can also send your questions and access the question-and-answer sessions throughout the three months of your subscription.

Finally, to boost your job search, we are pleased to offer you one hour of coaching, which can be used in one go or as 2 x 30 minutes.

Price: $120