Sensor vs Intuitive personality facets

Did you take the previous “Extravert / Introvert” quick test? Of course, If you genuinely pointed out that there are 4 letters to characterize a MBTI profile, there is a second one, which will make you wondering whether you are more likely to process information. Sensing indicates a preference for more practical attention to facts and details where Intuition indicates a preference for more abstract attention to patterns and possibilities.

When using the MBTI, we don’t try to find out the secret recipe of your self, that could define you as a block (if there were only 16 personalities, life would be quite easier, though certainly boring) but to discuss your preferences, meaning the way you feel better to act in some situations. To avoid bias, any personality instrument needs someone to question the results you got, so that you can reckon the reality of your behaviors, and then approach personalitytraits of yours.

I will comment about sensing/intuition in a next article, so that I will not influence you today.

Remember that this little test is just for you to ask yourself the kind of preference you have, and that the real Indicator requires a questionnaire that has far more questions and need to be debriefed by a certified practitioner. Here, we don’t aim at defining your entire personality, but just you to have a little fun and initiate an introspection! So don’t take it too seriously, and don’t try to have a good result: there is no right or wrong answer!

Do you tend to be a Sensor, or an Intuitive

This is a very easy and simple "test". 10 questions for you to engage on the way of the question: "am I a Sensor (S) or an Intuitor (N)?" There is no right or wrong answer: just be honest with yourself. Questions are not how you always or merely behave, but what is your preference.

Agree or don’t agree? Have more questions? Then just comment and share!

Questions and text are directly inspired by:

Looking at Type: The Fundamentals; Charles R. Martin (CAPT 1997)